I am using Drupal 6 for a client and i want to export Blog entry as a CSV along with the title and Body content and images.

I have installed Views data export Module and went to

views ---> Add and gave views name like: blog, blog_entry, export_test

and from view type I tried: node, node_revisions

but it says: It seems the page you are looking for does not exist. Please make sure you typed the address correctly, or try again later.

How do I export it? I want title, body and images


Very unclear what you did. Read the Views Data Export module's documentation here. It also has a youtube video at the end (for D7 though)


If you're really stuck with the module you can always export the relevant data as a CSV directly from your database via the phpMyAdmin interface. Your web host should provide access to this.

Depending on how your nodes are set up within the databse, you'll likely need to JOIN several tables to pull the correct values, but the SQL statement should be simple enough. Something like:

SELECT node.title, node_data.body, other_table.image 
FROM node, node_data, other_table
   LEFT JOIN node 
      ON node.shared_field = node_data.shared_field,
   LEFT JOIN node_data 
      ON node_data.shared_field2 = other_table.shared_field2
   WHERE node.type = blog_post;

It's more time intensive to write a custom script, but sometimes it is easier to go straight to the source than mess around with module issues.

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