I have a content type (gallery) with an image field which is unlimited: field_picture.
I have a logic which calculates custom css classes to their HTML containers, like: grid-item--width1, grid-item--width2, grid-item--height1, grid-item--height2.
I store these in the grid_class.
I can't merge these classes with the item class, because I want to style different HTML containers by them.

I tried to add this new variable (grid_class) to the image elements from the mytheme_preprocess_node__gallery and I thought drupal8 will pass them to the twig template.

function mytheme_preprocess_node__gallery(&$variables)
  foreach (Element::children($variables['elements']['field_picture']) as $key) {
    // here is my logic which calculates the classes for the image elements' containers
    $grid_class = "grid-item--width1 grid-item--height1";
    $variables['elements']['field_picture'][ $key ]['grid_class'] = $grid_class;

but in my twig template (themes/custom/mytheme/templates/field/field--node--field-picture--gallery.html.twig) when I loop through the items, the grid_class isn't available.

{% for key, item in items %}

    {{ (dump(item)) }}

    <div{{ item.attributes }}>
      <div class="grid-item {{ item.grid_class }}">{{ item.content }}</div>
{% endfor %}

I also tried to add it from mytheme_preprocess_field(). I saw the array of the field_picture element, but I didn't find the items in there.

any help or hints?

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I found that I have to use the mytheme_preprocess_field hook.

function mytheme_preprocess_field(&$variables) {
  if ($variables['field_name'] == "field_picture") {
    foreach ($variables['items'] as $key => $item) {
      $grid_class = "grid-item--width1 grid-item--height1";
      $variables['items'][ $key ]['grid_class'] = $grid_class;

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