Using Drupal 8, I have a media field where someone can upload an SVG file. I have this field display set to output as the URL path to the file.
I'm trying to get this value as a string (currently it's a render array) so I can call it with {% include var %} and embed the SVG directly into the DOM.

For example, I have this code. (I'm using twig_field_value.)

{% set var = content.field_media_name|field_value %}

If I render the variable in the template with {{ var }}, it spits out a string onto the screen, for example /sites/default/files/pathto/file.svg.

If I manually copy-paste this string into my twig template, e.g. {% include '/sites/default/files/pathto/file.svg'%}, it works perfectly, just like I want. However, I want to use {% include var %}, which is causing a PHP error because it can't include a template file because the var is actually an array.

This field can only have a single value. What I need is figuring out how to convert this into an actual string so I can use it with include.

  • You can access the string value of the array if you know the key which holds the value. You can figure that out by dumping the render array. – johndevman Jun 2 '17 at 8:11

This works:

{% include file_url(content.field_media_name|field_target_entity.field_file_upload.entity.uri.value) %}

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