I have two Content Types with the following fields:

  • Scenes

    1. Scene Name
    2. Starring (Actor's names)
    3. Streaming Link
  • Releases (DVD Releases)

    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Starring (All actor's names from all Scenes referenced)
    4. Scenes (Entity references to the Scene Content Type)

My question

When displaying a Release node, how can I get Drupal to generate the list of Starring Actors by taking the names from the 'Starring' fields in the Scene nodes that have been referenced?


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Two suggestions

First, the most common solution:

  1. Create a View
  2. Add a "relationship" from Release to Stars
  3. Add whatever fields you want to display, in this case, "Name", and make they "Use relationship Stars".

Second, what I would have done:

  1. Create a suitable Panels Page for Releases
  2. Create a mini-panel for Stars
  3. Add the Stars reference field to the releases page with "Panels reference formatter", choose the mini-panel as the formatter.

Intro to Views.

Intro to Page manager and Panels.

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