I am new to everything Drupal, when trying to start my site under Verify Requirements Drupal 8.2.2 the following error shows:

PHP OPcode caching Not enabled PHP OPcode caching can improve your site's performance considerably. It is highly recommended to have OPcache installed on your server.

When looking under CPanel, Under Current PHP Version 5.6 - highest available - opcache is checked.

The tech at the hosting site couldn't help; suggested asking someone who knows Drupal.

At the bottom it says "Check the messages and retry, or you may choose to continue anyway." retry and continue are clickable links. I've tried retry but get the same page.

Any help for a complete novice would be appreciated.

Here is a screen capture: Using 2 screens, the far right part of the image shows the answers from the Drupal forum: the info under comments is Greek to me.



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