I would like to create a page that holds two blocks of content. One would be a view-block showing a list from content type A and the other a view-block showing a list from content type B. The caveat is that the content type lists show information that has been specifically tagged with a specific location and the page itself is auto-populated based on taxonomy for that location.

(For example, mysite.com/states/oregon would display blog posts for Oregon as well as resources for Oregon.)

The two content types have their own taxonomy vocabulary for a state list content A taxonomy and content B taxonomy and a third state taxonomy list for the state pages, taxonomy C. I think this might be a problem...

  • Do I need to use one taxonomy vocabulary for each of these content types in order to create a taxonomy page that can populate two blocks of content tagged by the taxonomy terms; (this is less ideal for my situation at the moment)
  • or is there a way I can build a view block using contextual filters to call forth the different vocabularies in order to populate tagged content for each content's taxonomy vocabulary? If I can accomplish the latter, then I'm hoping I can just assign the block to the content area of the taxonomy C page as per usual.

Bonus: I'm already using a taxonomy view to control the appearance and behavior of my taxonomy pages.

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    Have you tried extracting the term name from the path and looking up the term by name for the vocabulary A, and looking it up again by name for vocabulary B? Even though the tids are different in vocab A vs B, as long as the state names are identical in both vocabularies I think you should be able to pull this off. – longboardnode Jun 15 '17 at 5:15

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