Will try to be brief.

I have a node with "n" images asigned to it, now i want to add new images (and keep the currents) to the node, i've tried this but no success until now. The next code does nothing:

$node = Node::load($node_id);
$node->field_car_picture[] = $new_images;

Also tried this and removes the current pictures and leave only the new images:

$node = Node::load($node_id);

Any help will be appreciated


You can try to merge the existing field items array and the new one, but I would use a loop to add one image at a time:

$node = Node::load($node_id);
foreach ($new_images as $new_image) {
  $node->field_car_picture[] = $new_image;

If you want to merge the arrays get the existing one

$existing_images = $node->field_car_picture->getValue();

combine it with the new array and replace the fields content with it.

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