I have created a rule in Drupal with the following conditions/actions.

enter image description here

With this rule, I give 10% discount on a specific product type, but the tax (21% in The Netherlands) is still calculated on the old price (without the discount).

For example, without discount I get the following.

  • Sub total €28.93
  • Tax €6.07
  • Total price €35,00

With the discount, I get the following.

  • Sub total €25.43
  • Tx €6.07
  • Total price €31.50

I tried to change the weight of the rule, but it didn't help.

I used the default tax module of Drupal Commerce and all the default settings. Is there something I can do about it?

I tried also the Commerce Discount module, but with the same behavior.

PS: Prices on this website are shown included of taxes.

After the patch, it is still not working. The Tax should be the following. (The product price is €0.90 with 10% discount; normally the price is €1.00 without the discount.)

  • €0.74 (excluded tax)
  • €0.16 (tax)
  • €0.90 (total)

enter image description here

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I think it is not possible, because Drupal Commerce calculate the prices/taxes before the discount. I had the same issue a while ago.


Your question seems a variation of the issue about Order discounts are not taken into account during tax calculation. Have a look at this patch attached to comment nr 22 of that issue.

Without the patch, you get a result similar to this, while after applying the patch it changes to this.

  • Thanks for you answer. I applied the patch, but it is still not working. I edit my first post.
    – Appel
    Commented Jun 18, 2017 at 15:54

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