I use the Group module and I have created several groups and assigned several nodes as content of these groups.

For example, I know id of some node. How can I figure out which groups contain this node ? That is, how to get group ids by nid, if this node is a content of these groups ? And I don't want to use SQL for it. Are there methods of classes for it ?


The way Group module maintainer recommended:

use Drupal\group\Entity\GroupContent;

function getGroupIdsByEntity($entity) {
  $group_ids = [];

  $group_contents = GroupContent::loadByEntity($entity);
  foreach ($group_contents as $group_content) {
    $group_ids[] = $group_content->getGroup()->id();

  return $group_ids;
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Try something like this: (gids will be your groups ids). I check the entity type because group content will also load the group members.

  $ids = \Drupal::entityQuery('group_content')
      ->condition('entity_id', $node->id())

  $relations = \Drupal\group\Entity\GroupContent::loadMultiple($ids);

  foreach ($relations as $rel) {

    if ($rel->getEntity()->getEntityTypeId() == 'node') {

      $gids[] = $rel->getGroup()->id();
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Another helpful function in this situation might be getContentByEntityId($plugin_id, $id); from GroupInterface.php. $plugin_id is the content enabler plugin ID to filter on and $id is your node id. However, you would need to loop through your groups and do $groupContentArray = $group->getContentByEntityId($plugin_id, $id) to get an array of GroupContentEntities (of your node) if they exist for this group.

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