I have two custom node types : catalog_item and category.

The catalog_item node has a cck node reference field that allow a user to select multiple category nodes. I want to be able to select a particular category from the node reference based on some php code. Is this possible with views?

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Within the views API, you could use this field as an argument and then use PHP to supply the default argument. This would then restrict the views to all catalog_items that have that specific category node referenced.

If you are doing this in code/a module/template/etc, you could do it also like this:

return views_embed_view(VIEWNAME,'default',$nid); // 'default' is the views display
  • Thanks! I ended up doing something similar to this. Iterating through the view was pretty easy.
    – James
    Mar 8, 2012 at 14:35

The other option is to use one of the views hooks.

I believe this will work, but I haven't tested to be sure:

function mymodule_views_pre_view (&$view, &$display_id, &$args)
  if ($view->name == "myview" && $view->current_display == "mydisplay") {
    $nid = some_function_to_get_the_nid();
    $view->args = array($nid);

I don't recall if you need to set the arguments in the display handler, too.

With things like this, you need to poke through $view with dpm() and experiment with the various hooks.

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