I am overriding node.tpl.php for a specific node (node--news.tpl.php) to display it differently in the front page. Instead of copying node.tpl.php code into node-news.tpl.php to display the node with the default rendering when we are not on the front page, I would rather prefer calling the base template implementation (node.tpl.php).

if ($is_front)
  // ...
  base_template(/* ... */);

Is that possible ?


Solution :

function template_preprocess_node(&$variables)
  if (drupal_is_front_page() && $variables['node']->type == 'news')
    $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'node__news__front';

Then, simply edit the template file node--news--front.tpl.php

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I would do this in the preprocess stage, eg, in your preprocess_node() hook, do something along the lines of:

if ($_GET['q']=='node') {                           // eg the frontpage (by default anyway) and not node/## (also then presumes this is a teaser view, too
  $foo=drupal_get_path_alias('node/' . $node->nid;  // or perhaps $foo=$node->path; works in D7?
  if ($foo=='news') {

I saw "along the lines of" because I am just now getting to know D7 vs D6 and I could have some typos in there, but the logic is to set the template file to the node-news.tpl.php one only when the user is looking at the front page and your news node is presented there.

But also, from what I have seen, node--news.tpl.php suggests that it should be used for nodes of TYPE news, so, there may need to be a different name here as well. So, if that's what you mean, you could do this instead:

if ($_GET['q']=='node' && $node->type=='news') {

and create a node--news--front.tpl.php file, or whatever the best practices name is :)

  • It works, thank you :) Drupal could (should) nevertheless offer a better (faster) solution. Mar 5, 2012 at 17:18

I have never tried this, but I suspect you can implement template_preprocess_node in your theme, use drupal_is_front_page, and if FALSE, remove the specific template from the $variables["theme_hook_suggestions"] array.

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