I have this exact error on my site.

I am trying to troubleshoot the error using dd(debug_backtrace()); through the Devel module as is described on the link above.

Being the noob on developing I can't figure out how to print the output in a drupal_debug.txt file under the tmp folder in the root of my Drupal Installation (As is described in the in the link above).

I have tried dd(debug_backtrace()); but I don't see any error file being created so I also tried dd(debug_backtrace('drupal_debug.txt')); but I get the error:

Warning: file_put_contents(): Only 0 of 1 bytes written, possibly out of free disk space in drupal_debug() (line 1793 of /home/bigcypru/public_html/sites/all/modules/devel/devel.module).

Devel was unable to write to /tmp/drupal_debug.txt.

I created the file manually and set 777 permissions to be sure is writable but still get the same error and I am sure I have enough space in my hosting plan.

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You can run:


which prints the output to drupal_debug.txt file by default in your temporary folder which can be found in your tmp folder (See: Where Drupal creates temporary files?). You can specify different file, but in Drupal settings related to file system.

The call to dd(debug_backtrace('drupal_debug.txt')); is invalid, since debug_backtrace() accepts int $options, not the file.

Regarding this warning:

Only 0 of 1 bytes written, possibly out of free disk space in drupal_debug(). Devel was unable to write to /tmp/drupal_debug.txt.

it says you're likely to be out of free disk space on your hard drive. So you should remove this file from your temporary folder at /tmp, then try again.

To make it more light, use the following version:

dd(debug_backtrace(FALSE, 5));

which won't populate all objects (FALSE) and limit number of stack frames returned to 5.

If your function is called too many times, try adding die() or exit(); to avoid multiple calls.

You can also use the following one-liner:

array_walk(debug_backtrace(),create_function('$a,$b','print "<pre>{$a[\'function\']}()(".basename($a[\'file\']).":{$a[\'line\']});</pre>\\n";'));

which will print even more minimalized version of the backtrace to avoid out-of-space issues.


I also can recommend the Past Log module.

It offers you enhanced logging capabilites (including backtrace) out of the box!

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