I would like to redirect the user to a view with some contextual filters on the submit of a custom form.

For now I use this :

$form_state->setRedirect('view.search.page_1', ['myvalue' => $value]);

But it add "myvalue" like this : /search?myvalue=$value

and what I want is : /search/$value


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You have to use the route parameter names defined in the route.

You can check the route definition of this view display with help of the Devel module by visiting:


When you define contextual filters the route parameter names are usually {arg_0}, {arg_1} ...

So this could work:

$form_state->setRedirect('view.search.page_1', ['arg_0' => $value]);

I guess it is not directly possible, you could however solve it with a small workaround:

$uri = \Drupal\Core\Url::fromUri('base:/your-views-path/' . $value, ['absolute' => TRUE]);

Edit: @4k4 has the better solution.

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