I was playing around with my website, which was built by a developer long time ago, and I remove the permission for the "administrator" role, and now as a "superadmin" I can't access the Drupal panel of my own site.

Can someone help me figure out how can I access the control panel?

Thank you!

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Use Drush commands instead like

Drush urol command

Or update existing role with the proper permission to access your backend admin

Drush add permistion command

  • Ahmad thank you for the answer. Although, I am not a developer and I don't understand how to use Drush. I was able to access the super admin by going into www.mydomain.com/user/login, but then I don't see the menu bar or dashboard where I can add the login block and permissions again. What do I do?
    – Victoria
    Commented Jun 26, 2017 at 21:28

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