I need to create a select with the results of all elements of a particular content-type.

The results of all the elements of said content-type I get them like this:

{{drupal_view ('areas_practicas', 'areas_all')}}

But it generates preformatted results (with HTML in between) (or with the output of the development mode, with reference to the template that uses that sample)

  • 1) Is it possible to return only one array of strings to be able to paint them in the select, without HTML or anything?

  • 2) Is it possible to traverse the results of this block since twig? Something like

{% for area in drupal_view ('areas_practicas', 'areas_all') %}
{% endfor%}

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I would do it like this: first get a set of all needed nodes with a query, and then process the node to create your select

For all published articles of content type 'areas_practicas' for example:

$query = \Drupal::entityQuery('node')
        ->condition('status', 1)
        ->condition('type', 'areas_practicas');
$nids = $query->execute();
foreach ($nids as $node)
    $n = node_load ((int)$node);
    // get title of node and process it

I hope this helps, Ruud


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