I have generated a custom entity using Drupal Console.

drupal generate:entity:content 

However, there is one serious problem. All the default route for the various operation related to that entity are coming under /admin/.. route. Which prevent non-admins from accessing those pages even if given permission for example to edit it.

When I generate an entity called company. My routes are as below:

  • View Single Entiy: /admin/structure/company_entity/{company_entity}
  • Add Entity: /admin/structure/company_entity/add
  • Edit Entity: /admin/structure/company_entity/{company_entity}/edit
  • Delete Entity: /admin/structure/company_entity/{company_entity}/delete
  • List all Enitities: /admin/structure/company_entity

Where should we edit the module to override or change these settings.

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You need to edit the entity class's annotation, at e.g. module_name/src/Entity/FooEntity.php.

This is an example of what you need from the Node entity class:

links = {
    "canonical" = "/node/{node}",
    "delete-form" = "/node/{node}/delete",
    "edit-form" = "/node/{node}/edit",
    "version-history" = "/node/{node}/revisions",
    "revision" = "/node/{node}/revisions/{node_revision}/view",

You'll probably need to rebuild cache for the changes to be reflected.

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    I figured it out a while ago and was about to post an answer. Great to see it already answered. :)
    – esafwan
    Jun 30, 2017 at 19:20

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