I have a search box using custom_search module. I am trying to add multiple classes to the input field using a hook.

Here is the code I have tried:

function mytheme_form_search_block_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {
      $form['keys']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'custom_search-keys','form-search','form-control';

But it does not add the classes to the search box input field?

  • Is this the correct hook? In Drupal 8, you must pass $form_state as an instance of FormStateInterface. Can you verify the code is being hit?
    – Kevin
    Jul 2, 2017 at 22:56
  • As well as verify that the attribute key is correct, when validating that this code is hit.
    – Kevin
    Jul 2, 2017 at 23:11

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Try this one, add class as array.

$form['keys']['#attributes'] = array('class' => array('custom_search-keys','form-search','form-control'));

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