I am in desperate need of help.

I have a custom entity called Question which has a bundle called data. Within the data bundle, I have a collection field called options with two subfields called correct_option & misc_option.


I am desperately trying to programmatically write data into those 2 option fields but the following code is not working:

$field_collection_item_value = 1596; // Get field collection item value.

$field_collection_item = entity_load('field_collection_item', array($field_collection_item_value)); // Load that field collection item.

$field_collection_item->save(); // Save field-collection item.

The 1569 is the ID of an existing question entity.

Whenever the code is executed I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function save() on array

I would appreciate any help. I'm at a loss and not sure how to get this working.

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Please use below code for update existing field collection data

//$item_id load item id from your node
//enter_update_field_mechine_name replace with your field name  
  $field_collection_value = field_collection_item_load($item_id);
  $field_collection_value->enter_update_field_mechine_name['und'][0]['value'] = 'update text here';

This code worked for me Thank you


Based on CKL answer here is my code:

  function generar_pagos_abono_contrato_action($nid) {
    $node = node_Load($nid);
    $nw = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node);
    $abono = $nw->field_operacion_abono->value();
    if($abono > 0) {
      //  $fc = array feield collection obejets
      $fc = $nw->field_operacion_pagos->value();
      foreach ($fc as $k => $v) {
        // field collection values
        $monto = $v->field_pago_monto[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];
        $saldo = $v->field_pago_saldo[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];
        if($monto > $abono) {
            if($saldo > 0) {
              if($abono <= $saldo) {
                $saldo = $saldo - $abono;
                // set & save field collection field value
                $v->field_pago_saldo[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] = $saldo;
                drupal_set_message(t('Abono aplicado correctamente'), 'status', FALSE);
              } else {
                drupal_set_message(t('El valor del abono no puede ser mayor al saldo del pago'), 'warning', FALSE);
        else {
          drupal_set_message(t('El vaor del abono no puede ser mayor al valor del pago'), 'warning', FALSE);
        $nw->field_operacion_abono = NULL;

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