I like the concept of contextual links in D7 and want to push it a bit further: I want views to have an 'Add item' contextual link, so the site administrator can easily add new items.

Of course I could add an 'Add item' button to the view's footer instead. But I need to show it only to users who have the appropriate permission to add items.

Is there an idiomatic way of doing it?

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Checkout the Custom Contextual Links module. I haven't personally used it but it looks like it does what you're after. It also supports views as of 7.x-1.1.


You can add the following code to the 'views header'.

It provides links to adding new items to the node collection or reordering.

1 Edit view

2 'Add' Global: Text area

3 set text format to 'PHP code'.

4 add the following code.

/* header for list */
global $user;
if (user_access('create document content', $user)) {
  $path = '/news/list';
  $addLink = l(t('Add news'), 'node/add/article', array('query' =>               
  array('destination' => $path)));
  print $addLink;
  $viewLink = l(t('View news'), '/news');
  print $viewLink;
  $listLink = l(t('Edit/reorder news'), '/news/list');
  print $listLink;
  • Yes, this will provide the functionality, just not in the views "contextual links" section on the frontend. That's the name for the on-hover "gear and triangle" styled dropdown shown to administrative users in the top right corner of views etc..
    – tanius
    Commented Mar 18, 2016 at 18:54

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