I was happy to find that in Views 3 I can sort users in a view by the number of nodes they have authored (Using a relationship "User: Content authored" and the Aggregation / 'Group by' - Count function, see here).

How can I do the same, but counting only nodes of a certain node type? (I'm actually using this in a view of profiles (Profile2), but using the relation "Profile: User UID" the solution would probably be the same).

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Not sure if I understand you correct, but have you tried setting up a normal filter:

Content: Type (= nodetype)

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    A normal content type filter was at first not possible since it is a profile view. But with the relationship "User: Content authored" a content type filter via the relation is indeed possible and it seems to work.
    – arjan
    Commented Mar 2, 2012 at 9:41

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