Using Drupal 7 + PathAuto + Token + Entity API

Having a really hard time setting url aliases...for nice URLs. I have it set up like this:


But it's not what I want, I want every term displayed separately in the URL, now it's like this:


but I want:


What token should I use to get this done, tried tons of combinations and can't get it working...

I see the explanations besides the token, but still, it's too complex and I can't wrap my head around this to get it working.

I saw a page that asks users to share their pattern recipes (https://www.drupal.org/node/124462), but there is nothing in there...if I could see a list of patterns and then resulting ULR it would be great.

Otherwise, how do I know what token to choose?

Picture below is hierarchy, the URL I want is:

 mysite . com /destinations/northern-laos/outodmxay/history

enter image description here

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This is the answer:


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