User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: node_reference. For information about how to fix this, see the documentation page. in trigger_error() (line 1138 of /[localdevetc/drupalrootetc]/docroot/includes/bootstrap.inc). =>

This error usually occurs when module files are removed without a module being disabled and uninstalled first. Typically it's corrected by simply re-downloading the module files and then uninstalling it. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a module called node_reference for Drupal 7. I tried drush dl node_reference and got:

No release history was found for the requested project (node_reference).
Could not download requested project(s).

Any ideas?


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node_reference is just a sub-module of the References module; that's why you can't download it using Drush. Instead, download the References module.

drush dl references
  • Thanks! I was about to say that I found it in my git history, as a sub-module of references, as you suggested, and was able to checkout an old commit that still contained the sub-module files, copy them to my desktop and then move them into my the latest version. I already had references.
    – Christia
    Jul 11, 2017 at 6:55

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