I have an odd request that appears to only be "solved" (aka not really) through changing the includes/common.inc file.

The instructions are something like...

1 Go to INCLUDES Folder 2. and make a copy of the file common.inc 3. use copy to make change. 4. edit the file with a text editor (not WORDPAD) 5. and go to "function drupal_access_denied()" 6. go to the 3th "IF" instruction

and if you want change the TITLE of the "ACCESS DENIED" page

change default (t('Access denied')) to something like: (t('Welcome Visitor'))

Obviously it's a stupid and wasteful move to just go through changing a core file, so I was wondering... another answer mentioned adding something to the theme template.php file or the local.module file. If I wanted to change just the text for the page title of the default "Access Denied" references, how would I go about doing that without going into editing the core files?

And due to an odd way a module around the site was built, the custom 404 page idea just won't work, which is why I need the workaround the way I described it.

Thanks ahead of time!



In Drupal 7 You can use GUI.

  • Step 1: First create a page and add whatever message you want.
  • Step 2: Customize the page alias as you see fit. Copy that URL.
  • Step 3: Go to admin/config/system/site-information and then go to the field set for "Error Pages" and put in your custom page alias for the 403 page.

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