The forum topics list has this in the table header: Topic, Replies, Created, Last Reply. I just want to remove the Created heading.

Template file forum-topic-list.tpl.php prints the table header with <?php print $header; ?>

The template file documentation explains that:

$header is pre-generated with click-sorting information. If you need to change this, @see template_preprocess_forum_topic_list() @see theme_forum_topic_list().

So I dig around in forum.module and find template_preprocess_forum_topic_list(). This function appears to prepare the variables for the header, but doesn't create the HTML for the output.
I look up the other function that was referenced, theme_forum_topic_list().

The API documentation reports the following:

This function is never used; see the corresponding template file instead."

What am I missing here?


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template_preprocess_forum_topic_list() initializes the variable with the value returned from _theme_table_cell().

global $forum_topic_list_header;

// Create the tablesorting header.
$ts = tablesort_init($forum_topic_list_header);
$header = '';
foreach ($forum_topic_list_header as $cell) {
  $cell = tablesort_header($cell, $forum_topic_list_header, $ts);
  $header .= _theme_table_cell($cell, TRUE);
$variables['header'] = $header;


function _theme_table_cell($cell, $header = FALSE) {
  $attributes = '';

  if (is_array($cell)) {
    $data = isset($cell['data']) ? $cell['data'] : '';
    $header |= isset($cell['header']);
    $attributes = drupal_attributes($cell);
  else {
    $data = $cell;

  if ($header) {
    $output = "<th$attributes>$data</th>";
  else {
    $output = "<td$attributes>$data</td>";

  return $output;

The variable $variables['header'] in template_preprocess_forum_topic_list() is the same variable that in forum-topic-list.tpl.php is accessed as $header.

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