I am writing a view that lists all content of a specific type. I would like to, additionally, be able to set paths to content made by a specific user. For example drupal.dd/content will give all content. Then drupal.dd/%/content will show only the content by a specific user where % is the user's name. The issue I have come across is, when I create the path with /%/content it says the first segment of the path cannot be %. I am using a contextual filter to filter by author. How would I go about doing so. I am using Drupal 8.


You should already have a path for this at drupal.dd/content/[author] based on how you have setup the contextual filter. If you are using a contextual filter, they will get appended to the path of the view, and it sounds like your view has a path of "/content".

  • Is there a way to do /%/content ? Without withing the contextual filter perhaps? – Kevin Jul 14 '17 at 20:14
  • I assume you are asking about still utilizing views. As you mentioned, you cannot have a wildcard as the first part of the path. So you could put something else there to have it be /[something]/%/content. Is there a reason that you are opposed to just using "/content" as everything and "/content/[author]" as the filter by author? – Brian Williams Jul 14 '17 at 20:21
  • I am recreating an existing site in Drupal 8 that is currently using Drupal 6. The current format must be maintained :/. Is there a way to do this which would not be using views? – Kevin Jul 14 '17 at 20:26
  • How was it done on the 6 site? did they do a custom module with a hook_menu and define a page callback for the "%/content" paths? You can do a similar thing in 8 using routes with wildcards as well. – Brian Williams Jul 14 '17 at 20:32
  • Just follow the conventions. A route should not start with a contextual filter. – Kevin Jul 14 '17 at 21:51

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