I have a bunch of taxonomy terms, one for each county in a state.

I am going to use the taxonomy pages as landing pages in a Google Adwords campaign that is customized per county.

So, I have some boilerplate text that I want to use on all term pages, but I want to substitute the county name (which is the term name) and the biggest city in the county (which is input as a text field on the taxonomy term).

What's a quick way to do this in Drupal 8? I tried to edit the Taxonomy Term view, but this is showing the content tagged by the term; in my case, there is no content tagged by the term. I want to use the term name and field data on the term to customize the boilerplate text.


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I solved this with Panelizer and a custom block made in Views.

View of taxonomy terms, custom block
Contextual filter- taxonomy term: term ID
Provide default value: Term ID from URL

Pathauto pattern for taxonomy terms:

Go to taxonomy term display and add panelizer, then add custom views block.

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