I have studied create nodes programmatically and create a book page but still i did not find how to create and add a page to the existing book. How to set parent child relationship if applicable. I am using Drupal 8. Can anybody help please?


You can use the saveBookLink(array $link, $new) method of the BookManager service (book.manager). See Drupal\book\BookManagerInterface.php

After you create the node programmatically, create a new array $link with the following key/value components:

Each book entry consists of the following keys:
 - bid: The node ID of the main book.
 - nid: The node ID of the book entry itself.
 - pid: The parent node ID of the book.
 - has_children: A boolean to indicate whether the book has children.
 - weight: The weight of the book entry to order siblings.
 - depth: The depth in the menu hierarchy the entry is placed into.

(See Drupal/book/BookOutlineStorageInterface::loadMultiple()).

So, your code will look something like this:

protected $bookManager;

public function __construct(BookManager $bookManager) {
  $this->bookManager = $bookManager;

public static function create(ContainerInterface $container) {
  return new static(

/** Method that creates your node here... **/
  $link = [
    'nid' => $nid,
    'bid' => $bid,
    'pid' => $pid,
    'weight' => $weight,

  $this->bookManager->saveBookLink($link, TRUE);

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