I want to specify a different file system remote server path. So that if I upload a file then this should be served from different remote server. I am using Drupal version 8.

  • You have to write php stream wrapper(ie. form scratch or re-use some, and define it for drupal as available scheme).
    – user21641
    Jul 17 '17 at 12:49

You'll need a custom Stream Wrapper, which provides read/write operations to your remote file system (those docs are for Drupal 7, but the concept, if not implementation, is identical).

Fortunately, for Drupal 8 someone's written a stream_wrapper_example module, which contains a lot of boilerplate code for re-use.

There are also a bunch of existing community-supplied stream wrapper modules, a Google search like "drupal stream wrapper modules" will list them all for you. Obviously whether or you can re-use any of those depends on exactly what you mean by "remote", and how you're implementing the connection.

  • This will be great start for a beginner and learn something. Thanks. Jul 17 '17 at 12:58

You can simply use a NFS and configure the file system to this one. No need to develop a streamWrapper with this method.

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