I have content types as Leaves and Branch. and I have an Branch ER field in Leaves. How to show Branch as select list in views exposed filter Drupal 8?

I really need a solution asap.


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How about the Views Entity Reference Filter module? The module is also capable of showing the values of the referenced entities in a filter instead of the IDs.


I came across same situation long before. I did not remember exactly.

Check this link https://www.drupal.org/node/2429699

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  • Yes I have seen that link. But non of the patches work. any other solution?? Jul 18, 2017 at 10:20

I think what you're looking for is entityreference_filter module. it' working on drupal 8 and 9

This module provides the views filter for entity ID or entity reference fields:

node ID user ID taxonomy term ID term reference field (Drupal core) entity reference field (Entity reference module) Exposed filter functionality Taxonomy term filtering: Imagine the following case - you have taxonomy terms in exposed filter widget (drop down select list). But for some reason you want to show just several terms, not all the dictionary. With this module, you can do this by creating a separate view which generates the desired list of terms.

The similar functionality is available for other type of fields - you create a separate view (or a new display of the same view) which returns the list of items to show in drop down select list of the exposed filter.

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