I have a Field Collection item which consist of a drop down, a text box and a link field. After the user submits a form I create a node were this field collection item is included. Before I save it, I populate some fields.

I managed to set the 'Url' in the link field(part of field collection item) by using:

$field_collection_item2->field_url->setValue($base_url . '/form/email-project-completion-survey'); 

Which works fine. Now I'm trying to set the 'Link text' but I can't make it work.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance

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I managed to solve it by using an array in setValue.

$field_collection_item2->field_url->setValue(array('uri'=>$base_url . '/form/email-project-completion-survey', 'title' => 'Survey'));

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