When does hook_node_access get invoked for $op == "create" ? In other words, at what portion of the node creation process is this permission checked? I am not seeing anything in the API does about this.

I have a situation where I need to restrict a subset of users to only be allowed to create/edit content with a particular taxonomy term based on their user profile. I have the $op == "update" and node form logic all worked out, and am not sure what I need to do about $op == "update"



It gets called from _node_add_access(), which is the access callback for the node/add path (see node_menu()):

foreach ($types as $type) {
  if (node_hook($type->type, 'form') && node_access('create', $type->type)) {
    return TRUE;

node_access() has this line in it:

$access = module_invoke_all('node_access', $node, $op, $account);

Which is when hook_node_access() is actually invoked.

To answer your question, it's called before the node add form is ever displayed to a user; obviously if it returns FALSE then access is denied to the form.

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