I am getting a variety of errors when I try to use Drush and nothing seems to be working. I am able to run drush and see the help commands indicating that I have it installed; otherwise, I can't get anything to work. I get the following error when trying to update a module as an example:

Command pm-update needs a higher bootstrap level to run - you will need invoke drush from a more functional Drupal environment to run this command.
Command pm-update needs the following modules installed/enabled to run: update.
The drush command 'pm-update insert' could not be executed.
A Drupal installation directory could not be found

When I check the drush status output, I get the following, but it doesn't appear to have any of the other relevant site info that is shown in other examples (e.g. theme name, site name, etc.).

 PHP configuration     :  /etc/php.ini
 Drush version         :  4.5
 Drush configuration   :
 Drush alias files     :

Drush is currently installed in my home directory on a BlueHost shared account and my primary site is in the public_html directory; I have an additional site with a separate Drupal version and separate database in a subdirectory.

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You need to call drush when you are within your Drupal folder. Otherwise drush does not know where your database is and so on.

cd /public_html/site2

Alternatively, you can set up a .drush/aliases.drushrc.php (Google should be able to tell you more about it) but that's probably not worth the effort in your case.

  • Thank you for the help. I tried going into my public_html to call drush while in that folder and I get the following error: [email protected] [~/public_html]# drush pm-update insert Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error. [error] Error: Cannot redeclare system_help() (previously declared in /home1/durangp4/public_html/modules/system/system.module:46) in /home1/durangp4/public_html/modules/modules/system/system.module, line 105 Thanks
    – Kory
    Mar 2, 2012 at 20:25
  • @Kory This means that you did it right, but that there is a fatal error in your drupal installation. You should not be able to view your site. Try to re-download drupal core.
    – googletorp
    Mar 2, 2012 at 20:50
  • Thank you @googletorp for your assistance and prompt reply! I was running 6.22 but my site was accessible -i.e. no WSOD. I just updated to Drupal 6.25 and ran update.php. Update was successful and shows up to date in my available updates reports. I tried drush again and am still getting the same error: Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error. [error] Error: Cannot redeclare system_help() (previously declared in /home1/durangp4/public_html/modules/system/system.module:46) in /home1/durangp4/public_html/modules/modules/system/system.module, line 105
    – Kory
    Mar 2, 2012 at 21:19
  • 3
    @Kory Ah I see, you have the system module twice, /modules/system and /modules/modules/system, you should only have one of them.
    – googletorp
    Mar 2, 2012 at 21:22
  • 1
    Try running update.php, that usually helps. If not, you need to look into the system table in your database and manually remove the double /modules/modules path for all modules which have it. Once you did that, you will also need to clear the cache_bootstrap table and then you should be back up and running I hope :)
    – Berdir
    Mar 2, 2012 at 22:12

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