I want to write a functional test that takes some test user credentials in a remote system, and posts them to Drupal login.

So far, I have

   * These users should authetnicate via Netforum.
  public function testNetforumUsersCanAuthenticate() {
    $edit = ['name' => [redacted], 'pass' => [redacted]];

    $this->drupalPostForm(NULL, $edit, t('Log in'));

The authentication always goes through the external system even if the local account exists in Drupal. Therefore, I cannot just create these accounts beforehand.

The account should get created when authentication passes - and then I want to look at the users roles to check if they match what I expect for the different test accounts.

What can I use to see that this was successful and then look at the roles and check them?

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You should be able to load the user object using user_load_by_name(), and then just make your assertions:

$account = user_load_by_name('foo');
$expected_roles = [
$this->assertEquals($expected_roles, $account->getRoles());

As an aside, it may be worth pursuing a mocked/testing authentication service for your tests. This way they don't rely on an external service, and will be more stable and reliable.

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