I need webform submission data to be inserted into an external sql database. How would I go about doing this? Would this be a custom module, or be processed in template.php? I am having trouble understanding how I can capture that data and have it sent over to an external database.

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Usually the first step to solving a problem like this in Drupal is finding the right hook.

A quick google search for "webform hooks", and then we pick the hook where we'd have access to the completed webform's data: http://api.lullabot.com/hook_webform_submission_insert/7

The example on that page happens to be exactly what you want to do!

  • When adding a field to be inserted, as in the example from that link you provided, how do I write my own fields? 'foo' => 'foo_data', How would I add a field called first_name? 'first_name' => 'first_name', doesn't work.
    – jose
    Commented Mar 5, 2012 at 0:06

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