I am struggling to make a query in a custom service function in Drupal 7, which should make 3 sums. In each table (3), there are 2 records saved with the following values:

  • field_data_field_monto_15pts with field [field_monto_15pts_value] data: 5 and 6
  • field_data_field_monto_14pts with field [field_monto_14pts_value] data: 3 and 4
  • field_data_field_monto_13pts with field [field_monto_13pts_value] data: 1 and 2

The service function that performs the query and returns data in the JSON format is the following.

$cantidad = db_query('
  SELECT SUM(field_monto_15pts_value) AS 15pts,  
         SUM(field_monto_14pts_value) AS 14pts,  
         SUM(field_monto_13pts_value) AS 13pts  
  FROM {field_data_field_monto_15pts},  {field_data_field_monto_14pts},  {field_data_field_monto_13pts}')  

return $cantidad;  

What I expect from the function is the following values.

  "15pts": "11",
   "14pts": "7",  
   "13pts": "3"  

What the function returns is this.

   "15pts": "44",  
   "14pts": "28",  
   "13pts": "12"  

What is wrong in the code I am using?


Well ... Since no one had this problem, or nobody has a solution, I put the solution that I have given on the site https://www.drupal.org/node/2898276

The problem is how I wrote the query to the database. A Cartesian product is produced. After rewriting the query was solved. It was finally written:

$lo_que_che= db_query('SELECT (SELECT SUM(field_monto_15pts_value) AS 15pts FROM {field_data_field_monto_15pts}) 15pts, (SELECT SUM(field_monto_14pts_value) AS 14pts FROM {field_data_field_monto_14pts}) 14pts, SUM(field_monto_13pts_value) AS 13pts FROM field_data_field_monto_13pts}') ->fetchAssoc();  return $lo_que_che;  

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