I'm trying to insert a search form in the middle of some custom HTML on a Panel Page. There's already the Search Block on the page somewhere else. The Search Widget is available, but it gets inserted after the custom HTML, which is not what I want. I thought I could do something like

<div class="container-inline">
<?php if (empty($variables['form']['#block']->subject)): ?>
<h2 class="element-invisible"><?php print t('Search form'); ?></h2>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php print $search_form; ?>



but the PHP doesn't seem to execute (naturally, I have PHP selected as the input.).

Edit: This produced a search form in the correct place, but the CSS conflicts with the existing Search Block.

<?php print render(drupal_get_form('search_block_form')); ?> 

I was close but needed to declare the variable. I still don't really understand what's happening here, but it works.

<?php global $search_form; print render(drupal_get_form('search_form')); ?>
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