I created custom module with Views style plugin, there I have some fields to configure this style and in separate inc file I have preprocess to store these settings and use values in Twig template file, so I have this:


 * @file
 * Theme for Example views.
function template_preprocess_views_view_example(&$variables) {
  // View options set by user.
  $options = $variables['view']->style_plugin->options;

  // Update options for twig.
  $variables['options'] = $options;

In templates folder I have views-view-example.html.twig file and everything is working very well.

Now, I want to wrap each result from Views (row) and need to create template file for this. At the moment I don't see any wrapper there, just fields directly.

Seems like I need to define my template file to override default views-view-fields.html.twig template file.

How I can do that in my module? Do you have some example of it?

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