I have a user with 5 failed login attempts...and now he's locked out. We reset his password...but is there something else we need to do to unlock his account on a basic Drupal 8 setup?

I'd rather not have to get into using drush on this remote server and messing around with db tables...especially since this is just one user out of thousands. I just want a simple UI solution.

Or does he have to wait 6 hours or something crazy?


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If you use flood_unblock module you can just flush the flood for the specific user or ip.

  • Interesting...I may try this, thank you. I was hoping for some quick solution that didn't involve adding a module, but this may be the best way to go.
    – Sage
    Commented Aug 3, 2017 at 17:06

There's a default config for flood settings in core/modules/user/config/install/user.flood.yml:

uid_only: false
ip_limit: 50
ip_window: 3600
user_limit: 5
user_window: 21600

This means, that your user is locked for 21600 secs by default. Be patient :-) Unfortunately, there's no UI for that config currently. A workaround would be to import a single config in the Config-Sync UI.

All flood info is stored in table "flood". It's save to delete * from flood to reset all floodings. A flood info is by default ip-based like "uid-ip". So, if your user can change his client IP, she may be able to login before 21600 secs have passed.

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