I am one of the maintainers of Bootstrap Paragraphs. The module is currently set as the 2.0 branch to be the default and the 1.0 branch is set to unsupported. The 1.0 had a Beta Release but the 2.0 is currently in Alpha.

When I run composer require drupal/bootstrap_paragraphs composer downloads the 1.0 release ("drupal/bootstrap_paragraphs": "^1.0@beta",) instead of the 2.0 release.

What do we have to do to make the 2.0 branch be downloaded when running composer require drupal/bootstrap_paragraph. Want to avoid as many people as possible from using the 1.0 branch.

  • It seems there is no composer.json file in your 2.x branch. I'd start with adding that. – Neograph734 Aug 3 '17 at 17:31
  • @Neograph734 I was under the impression that Drupal.org adds the composer.json file and we didn't have to add it. – albertski Aug 3 '17 at 17:33
  • "If a contributed project maintainer wishes to add a dependency on a packagist library that is not hosted on drupal.org, they can add a composer.json file to their contributed project. Most contrib developers do not need to do this as long as their drupal.org dependencies are expressed in their .info.ymlfiles." – albertski Aug 3 '17 at 17:34
  • The listing of dependencies is optional, true, but as far as I know do systems like packagist use the composer.json file also to load metadata about the project (description, authors, support pages). For those things you still need a composer.json file. Try adding it, I think it would help. There is such a file in your 1.x branch and that gets detected... – Neograph734 Aug 3 '17 at 17:36

Composer does not default to the "latest" it defaults to the "Most stable" when there isnt a stable release. In this case 1.0-beta1 is "more stable" than 2.0-alpha1.

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