To group search results and display them in different blocks i want to filter them programmatically with facets.

I found a Solution, where the view is executed only with a new request object.

term = searchword
content = facet field

function theme_preprocess_views_view__search_view__page(&$vars) {
    $view = Drupal\views\Views::getView('search_view_groups');

    $filters = [
        'term' => $vars['view']->getRequest()->query->get('term'),
        'content' => ['bereich:80']

    $request = new Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request($filters);


The code works with params from the real request, but i can't change them in the hook. So i guess i use the wrong hook.

When should i run the filter? Which is the correct hook for that?

Drupal: 8.3.5
facets: 1.x-dev
search_api: 1.3


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