I am trying to get Privatemsg and DrupalGap working together.

I have installed both modules, configured the privileges and everything is working fine in the drupal site.

But with phonegap I am getting trouble displaying the 'Send this user a private message' link in the view of each user. I have set 'visible' the 'private msg' field in the drupalgap display in: admin/config/people/accounts/display/drupalgap but it's not working.

I have noticed It's always displaying only the history field even if I set to 'hidden' all the fields in the view configuration page: admin/config/people/accounts/display/drupalgap

I have cleared all caches.

What am I missing? How can I have the 'Send this user a private message' link displayed?

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DrupalGap's implementation of Private Message has not evolved enough to take into consideration any Private Message configuration set on a DrupalGap Manage Display page for User Entities.

That being said, I would recommend creating your own page to custom render a User Entity. With these docs, essentially replace the usage of node with user and that'll give you a custom page in which you can render your users.

Then in your page_callback function to render the users, you can add a widget to the content render array, which could display a button that when clicked will navigate the user to a custom DrupalGap form+page where you can build the input elements (recipient, subject, message, etc).

Then in your form's submit handler, you'll actually send the message to the user.

  • Thank you for your answer. Putting privatemsg issue aside....in the user_view_pageshow(uid) function in the drupalgap core there is a line: var view_mode = 'full'; It should be var view_mode = 'drupalgap'; right?
    – Alfonso_MA
    Aug 24, 2017 at 19:12

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