I have seen a ton of examples on how to do this and I must just be fundamentally confused. I want to modify one node, in my case nid 302998. I have tried:


All to no avail. I am placing them in my templates folder. In that folder I see a few working examples of tpl files, such as node--glove.tpl.php, glove being one of my content types, but I see no examples of specific nodes/pages. I have tried clearing caches as well. I am out of ideas.


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You can override every single node with its node id, as per your nid it should work with node--302998.tpl.php then also if its not working just enable debug mode so you can get idea how many template name available.

To enalbe debug mode open setting.php $conf['theme_debug'] = TRUE;
refresh page again and press ctrl + U for view source.
you will get all the name those are possible with your page.


Have you added a copy of the standard node.tpl.php file into your theme folder as well? It's required if you want to override the node template.

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