I'm using the Flags module for some functionality on my site. When a node is deleted, I need to check whether it's flagged or not and take additional action based on that. I've implemented hook_nodeapi() in my module to add my logic when a node is deleted. However, it seems I'm unable to check whether the node is flagged or not... I always get FALSE when I check, even when I know that node was in fact flagged. My code so far is:

// check if this node is flagged for renewal
$flag = flag_get_flag('machine_name_of_my_flag');

if($flag && $flag->is_flagged($node->nid)) {
   // add my custom logic here

This code is definitely run when the node is deleted. The $flag is found correctly, but $flag->is_flagged($node->nide) always returns false. I based this code on the documentation for the Flag API. I'm not sure why the is_flagged check is always returning false. Is it something to do with the delete action? When I debug this code in xDebug, I can see all the properties of the node object, but I can't find out if it's flagged or not.


That code works, but if the module that implements hook_nodeapi() is executed before Flag; differently, it will be executed after flag_nodeapi(), which removes any reference to the deleted node from the database tables used by Flag.

case 'delete':
  foreach (flag_get_flags('node') as $flag) {
    // If the flag is being tracked by translation set and the node is part
    // of a translation set, don't delete the flagging record.
    // Instead, data will be updated in the 'translation_change' op, below.
    if (!$flag->i18n || empty($node->tnid)) {
      db_query("DELETE FROM {flag_content} WHERE fid = %d AND content_id = %d", $flag->fid, $node->nid);
      db_query("DELETE FROM {flag_counts} WHERE fid = %d AND content_id = %d", $flag->fid, $node->nid);

If the short name of the module starts with any letter after the f, then that module needs to change its weight to a number lower than 0; it is usually done in the implementation of hook_install(), or hook_update_N().

db_query("UPDATE {system} SET weight = %d WHERE name = 'mymodule' AND type = 'module', -1);
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