I have saved a node programmatically, in the following way:

  $node_storage = \Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage('node');
  foreach ($entity_ids as $id) {
    $node = $node_storage->load($id);
    if (!$node) {
    $node->set('field_tags', $new_tid);

After saving the node I am trying to edit it and I am getting the follow error upon submit.

InvalidArgumentException: The state '' does not exist in workflow 'draft' in Drupal\workflows\Entity\Workflow->getState()

I believe that this means that my node has no state.

How could I set the node's state?

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There's a code for creating a node and indicating its status, maybe it would help:

<?php // add node properties $newNode = (object) NULL; $newNode->type = '{NODE_TYPE}'; $newNode->title = '{NODE_TITLE}' $newNode->uid = {USER_ID}; $newNode->created = strtotime("now"); $newNode->changed = strtotime("now"); $newNode->status = 1; $newNode->comment = 0; $newNode->promote = 0; $newNode->moderate = 0; $newNode->sticky = 0;

// add CCK field data $newNode->field_{YOUR_CUSTOM_FIELD_1}[0]['value'] = '{DATA_1}'; $newNode->field_{YOUR_CUSTOM_FIELD_2}[0]['value'] = '{DATA_2}';

// save node node_save($newNode); ?>

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