I am able to use Update Manager to install new modules, instead of having to manually upload them. I previously put everything in sites/all/modules, but now have reorganized my modules into sites/all/modules/contrib and sites/all/modules/custom (for the modules I write or modify).

However, Update Manager is still installing new modules in sites/all/modules. Is it possible to tell Update Manager to install new modules in sites/all/modules/contrib instead? I looked for a setting somewhere, but can't find one (D7).

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To circumvent these (and other) issues, I typically use the Drush command line utility to install and update new modules instead of the Update Manager.

For instance:

drush dl views --destination='sites/all/modules/contrib' # Download views to this path
drush dl uuid --destination='sites/all/modules/contrib' --select # Select other releases
drush en views views_ui  # Enable Views and Views UI
drush up ctools          # Update CTools

Drush also provides a number of other useful commands, and integrates very nicely with other modules. I highly recommend looking into using it if you haven't already!

  • Thanks. I figured I could do it with Drush, but hoped to make Update Manager work right. Turns out there's a sandbox project, Better Update, that allows install paths, and also an issue has been filed for this capability. Mar 5, 2012 at 1:21

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