I dont know what i doing wrong but for reasons the tab on user page doesnt appear! i have like three tabs which i place my self in custom module and they ok.. But now trying to use the principle i used nothing works. below is my code! Any suggestions?



$items['user/%user/mysite-news'] = array(
'title' =>t('Мой Новости'),
'description' => t('yo news.'),
'page callback' => 'mysite_news',
'page arguments' => array(1),
'access callback' =>array('view kupon'),
$items['user/%user/mysite-news/my-news'] = array(
'title' =>t('Мой Новости'),
'description' => t('see your news.'),
'page callback' => 'mysite_news',
'page arguments' => array(1),
'access callback' => TRUE,

//and my call back function 
function mysite_news($account){
  $my_name=t('my name is $c',array('$c'=>$account->name));
return $my_name;

if i visit the link user/1/mysite-news/my-news

the result is displayed, "my name is admin". But the tab doesnt show on user page.. please help.

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You don't define the 'page callback' for the MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK since it is taken care of by the 'root' page, plus without any additional tabs it won't show up anyway. If you add another MENU_LOCAL_TASK it should show up. You can think of the default local task as the page itself, there would be no reason for a VIEW tab there without anything else like EDIT UNPUBLISH etc.

  • Thank you for ur suggestion,now its working.The other thing is i replaced 'access callback' =>array('view kupon'); with 'access arguments' => array('view kupon').
    – mrcniceguy
    Mar 6, 2012 at 11:17

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