I have a Drupal 8 website with an application form built with Webform. I would like to be able to auto create a user when the webform is submitted using details from the webform, so the person filling in the application can log-in and check the status of their application. I've seen several options online but all are for Drupal 7 and the modules used are not available for Drupal 8.

Any ideas?


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You can write your own WebformHandler to do so. Just extend WebformHandlerBase and write your code into the postSave() function. Here is a little example: https://gist.github.com/mharmuth/0ab021d5b65e4cab7c6efec951fc59e9

This class has to be stored in your custom module in the directory your_custom_module/src/Plugin/WebformHanlder/CreateUserHandler.php

After creating this handler, you will be able to add it in your webform under "Email/Handlers".

Hope this helps ;)


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