Drupal 7 question: In my Events content type, I have a text field called RSVP URL. On the event page, it currently displays as

RSVP URL: http://example.com

However, I would like it to be a link, displaying like so:

RSVP URL: http://example.com

I'm not seeing a way to do this, except perhaps via adding the Link module?, but I'm a newbie who's never even installed a module before, and I'm wondering if there's another built-in way. Thanks.


I feel like the simpliest way to do that will be to install the linke field module directly from the web.

To do so :

  • Go to admin/modules ;
  • Clic on Install new module ;
  • Open a new tab. Paste link module link and go. A page displays with the description of the module ;
  • At the bottom of that page, Copy the link to the file (zip or tar.gz one) which is this one (this one is the zip one) ;
  • Go to the drupal (Install new module) page. Paste that link on the Install from url field and hit Install. Wait 'till it finished in a few seconds ;
  • Clic on Enable newly added.... ;
  • Search for the link field module by scrolling. Clic on install. Wait untill it finished in a few time ;

And you can go back to your content type in order to create that new link field with the wright type.

Does that help ?

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Click on edit in front of your link field in your content type's manage field tab.

enter image description here

You need to change Text processing option to filtered Text.

enter image description here

Then while adding this content type just type the URL with HTML tag.

enter image description here

I hope this solves your problem without installing a module.

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