I am using Drupal 8, and I created a new view mode for the News page content type, in the custom display settings section.

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How can I create a template file for this view mode?

  • Hey Rick what exactly is unclear in template naming suggestions? What have you tried so far? Please help to clarify by expanding your question and providing more details.
    – leymannx
    Commented Aug 20, 2017 at 17:36

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According to the D8 docs, you'd need to create a file in your your custom theme with this naming convention:


So if I had a content type of person and a view mode of Teaser my template name would be node--person--teaser.html.twig. Be sure to follow the machine name patterns if you're using spaces in your custom view mode.

Generally speaking, I like to put it in a templates/node directory of my theme so that other devs can find it quickly. Whether you copy the base node template (core/modules/node/templates/node.html.twig) or start from scratch is up to you.

Also, if you turn on theme debugging, Drupal will output in HTML comments a list of template name suggestions, starting from most specific to least specific filenames.

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