I'm trying to import a drupal 8 database to my local MAMP server via phpmyadmin.

I have a 1.4MB database.sql.gz file (cache emptied, it doens't matter what database export of drupal 8 I use by the way). But I keep getting an internal server error. Looking at the log I find this:

InnoDB: Error: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table "databasename"."tablename" but the required system tables mysql.innodb_table_stats and mysql.innodb_index_stats are not present or have unexpected structure. Using transient stats instead.

Followed by:

InnoDB: Error: Table "mysql"."innodb_table_stats" not found.

So my settings must be off, but I don't know what to change? Can some help me with fixing this.

Thanks in advance, Joost

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